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Legend of the Realms is a block producer & NFT Development Team

About Us

Why vote for the Legends of the Realms?

As a block producer, we believe we bring a unique angle of story telling and Digital collectible innovation to the Telos block chain. We feel strongly that by engaging our audience through a focused project we can bring greater awareness to the importance of governance on-chain as well as continue to build out tools for the Telos NFT ecosystem rather than outsource them continually.


Code of Conduct

  1. Our Commitment:

    At Legends of the Realms, we are bound by a shared commitment to embody integrity, honor, and the utmost respect for our community. We strive to create a vibrant and inclusive environment where every participant feels valued and empowered.

  2. Block Producing Excellence:

    We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence in block producing. With unwavering dedication, we aim to maximize the performance, stability, and security of the realms, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy experience for all.

  3. Embracing Collective Governance:

    We firmly stand by the principles of collective governance within the realms. We actively support and uphold the guidelines and regulations set forth, working collaboratively to foster a thriving ecosystem that prioritizes fairness, transparency, and shared decision-making.

  4. Fair and Just Arbitration:

    In situations where arbitration is necessary, we approach it with utmost fairness and consideration. We carefully evaluate arbitration recommendations, taking into account the best interests of the community and the realms as a whole while making informed and unbiased decisions.

  5. Preserving Independence and Transparency:

    Legends of the Realms remains an independently owned entity, guided by our unwavering passion for the project's vision. We maintain full operational control of our company, ensuring transparency and accountability to our community.

meet the team



Coming up on games like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as Magic the Gathering, TBG has always had an affinity for storytelling. The ideas around how narratives shape our understanding and comprehension of any given subject lies deep at the heart of how he has moved through the crypto space for the last 2 years. Drawing from a deep well of being a Dungeon Master, Gooey Seeks to bring an element of story to the block producer realm all while facilitating engaging and entertaining products in the NFT ecosystem.


Jacob's lifelong fascination with real-time strategy games like Starcraft and immersive Pokémon RPGs sparked his deep appreciation for gaming experiences. This early exposure nurtured his love for intricate gameplay found within virtual worlds. His passion further ignited through trading card games like Magic the Gathering. In his spare time, Jacob explores the cutting-edge realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as an avid collector and creator of NFTs. With a drive to be at the forefront of innovation, he seeks to contribute to the intersection of gaming, NFTs, and blockchain, creating captivating experiences that push boundaries.


Having worked with multiple projects in and out of the web3 ecosystem, Israel's creativity & vision have driven him to push the envelope consistently. His passion for gaming, people & knowledge never allowed him to simply look inside the box for answers. Helping artists find their way in web3 is at the core of his being.


Vaz brings a strong command of both design background as well as a keen eye for organization. A web3 native herself, she brings a wealth of experience both inside and out of the Telos eco-system that allows her to walk both worlds with ease. Vaz was a key figure in the Kanda Weather NFT project and has a strong passion for where the technology can go in the near and long term future


Yeshy, a seasoned graphic designer, is an active participant in the digital art and web3 space. With a deep passion for design and NFTs, Yeshy specializes in creating captivating visual experiences, particularly in pixel art. Recognizing the transformative power of art, Yeshy is dedicated to continuing the journey of building these extraordinary experiences within web3. Great art has the ability to send you to a new world, create cherished memories, and set the tone. Yeshy strives to harness this power to make people smile and leave a positive impact through his art.

Yeshy's passion for gaming plays a vital role in his creative process and connection to the web3 community. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of games, such as FPS, RPGs, MMOs, deckbuilders, and tabletop games, he enriches his understanding of interactive experiences and visual storytelling. This knowledge, combined with his innate problem-solving mindset, fuels Yeshy's creativity, allowing him to craft exceptional designs that resonate with gamers and art enthusiasts.


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